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Inside The Tropospheric Laboratory

Inside The Tropospheric Laboratory, here with Cloudmachine, installation view, Schering Foundation, Berlin, Jan./Feb. 2010, foto: Roman Maerz

The Installation: Inside The Tropospheric Laboratory

The "Tropospheric Laboratory" allows insights into cloud cores and other matter of the apogee. The installation narrates the synthesis of clouds and shows varying conditions and combinations of art and science in the absence of weight.
The "laboratory" is the gravimetric document of "Cloud Core Scanner" - an experiment and artistic project by Agnes Meyer-Brandis, carried out on board a German Aerospace Center research plane.
It reflects an iridescent world, between controlled and unleashed states: artistic research on the quest for a degree of reality within constructions.

CCS sphere labfoto: Roman Maerz

click here: Tropospheric Laboratory
see here some more installation pictures and documentation of the exhibtion at the Schering Foundation in Berlin, Jan.-Feb. 2010

Projection: Cloud Cores

Videostills from cloud cores in weightlessness, generated inside the ADM-Box - the so to say Cloud Core Visualisation Machine, which is part of the CCS experiment.

CCS sphere lab
foto: Agnes Meyer-Brandis / VG Bildkunst

click here: Cloud Core Stills sorry coming soon

The Video: Fluid Matter

Fluid Matter
is a video and partition from the Cloud Core Scanner project (CCS)

06:20 min., Slomotec Marathon Camera`s 200 LT, transferred to DVD PAL, 2009, Sound: Michael Moser

CCS VideostillFluid Matter still, Agnes Meyer-Brandis / VG Bildkunst

click here: Fluid Matter
to see more videostills

The Context: Subsurdum Wall

The Subsurdum Wall allows a deeper insight of the installation. It shows the context and surrounding world within which the artistic work and the CCS project have emerged.

CCS experiment, AMB at workfoto: Roman Maerz

click here: Subsurdum Wall
to have a closer look at the Subsurdum Wall and collection.

The Video: CCS Experiment and Flight Documentation

The CCS Experiment Documentation allows insights into the "Cloud Core Scanner" experiment and artistic project carried out on board the German Aerospace Center research plane.

15:10 min., HD transferred to DVD PAL, 2010, Sound: Johannes Kraemer

CCS experiment, AMB at workCCS experiment still,
Agnes Meyer-Brandis / VG Bildkunst

click here: CCS Flight Documentation to see more of the documentation and videostills

Wanderkino and Lecture Performance: Making Clouds or On The Absence of Weight

The Wanderkino deals with the Art and Science under the absence of weight. As a mix of film, performance and lecture it shows flying machines with mechanisms based on gravity and weightlessness, examines cloud cores and presents a gravimetric documentation of an unusual experiment.

CCS sphere labfoto: Arne Reinhardt

click here: Making Clouds or On The Absence of Weight to see some performance pictures of the premiere at the Sophiensaele in Berlin, 5. and 6. February 2010 /

Science lecture program - accompanying the exhibition at the Schering Foundation:

January 20, 2010
Aerosols and Cloud Formation
Dr. Frank Stratmann, Group Leader Clouds, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig

January 28, 2010
Atmospheric Aerosol Particles
PD Dr. Martin Ebert, Environmental Mineralogy, Institute of Applied Geosciences, Technical University of Darmstadt

February 18, 2010
The Influence of Aerosols on Climate Change
Dr. Johannes Quaas, Head of Junior Research Group Cloud-Climate Interactions, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg

February 25, 2010
Cosmic “Aerosols” and Planet Formation
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Blum, Head of Research Group Planet Formation, Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics, Technical University of Braunschweig

CCS sphere labpicture: PD Dr. Martin Ebert, Environmental Mineralogy, Institute of Applied Geosciences, Technical University of Darmstad

click here for: Schering Foundation Science Lecture Programm


A produktion of DOCK e.V. in collaboration with the Schering Foundation and the Sophiensaele.
Partner-Event of transmediale.10
Friendly supported by TSI - Trust Science Innovation and Leica Microsystems

The experiment "Cloud Core Scanner" was realisiert in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center DLR.
Supported by the Filmstiftung NRW


CCS sphere labPoster

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