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moon goose experiment set up
Moon Goose Home B) ,7 geese, came from a small village in the district Chistoezersk approx. 400 km east of Novosibirk, August 2008
they have been especially transported by the zoo of N`sk to participate in the MGE experiment during th solar eclipse (foto:AMB)

The Search for Moon geese in Siberia

MGE Realisation Report No. 1 :
22.Cologne August 2008

The Search for Moon Goose in Siberia / Novosibirsk - experiment preparations
Moone Geese are a very rare species of migration birds, in particular as they spend quite some time of their amazing lives with migration between the earth and its trabant (rather then "just" flying to the south and back). Consequently finding them in the vast territories of   Sibiria / Novosibirsk wasn't easy at all.

moon goose experiment set upsketch:AMB

moon goose experiment set up
MGE (moon goose experiment) logo, AMB

Thanks to a group of local experts we where finally able to launch the experiment with a herd of 13 Geese - with 6 specimen coming from the farm of Alexandra Deribas in Akademgorodok and 7 from a small village in the district Chistoezersk approx. 400 km east of N`sk.

moon goose experiment set upMoon Goose Home A.), "Datscha" of Alexandra and Gennardy Deribas near Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, August 2008 fig above: A.D. and A.M-B in the kitchen with goose,cow and cat (foto: AMB)

The Moon Goose Crew

The Moon Goose crew members and their position:
Thank you all very much for this wonderful teamwork!

Island Crew:
Alexandra Deribas , geese care taker , animal instructor, harnesses improvement
Gennady Deribas , geese care taker, zoologist, moon goose farmer
Ljuba Beliazkaia, parachutist , take-off locator
Artem Loskutov, camera operator, technical engineer
Anton Sotnikov, camera operator
Alexandre Tchougainov , experiment location - island chief, meteorologist
Tanya, island muse & psychologist
Anton, the skipper, geese on water transportation
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, ffur director

moon goose experiment set up
esting the harnesses for the geese (videostill Tommy Taipale)

Moon Goose crew   -   organizational and practical assistance:
Rostislaw & Olga Shilo, directors of the Novosibirsk Zoo, moon geese research, ground transportation and accomodation
Marina Volohsina, special moon geese researcher, biologist & super emergency task force
Vera Volohsina, special moon geese researcher
Roman Beletsky, moon geese research and local task force. press
Mrs. Natali Mast, Entwicklungsgesellschaft Novosibirsk, moon geese research
Alexander Kirienko, Goethe Insitute in N`sk., moon geese research
Ludmilla Voropai, moon geese research, communications
Mrs. Sveta, zoo secretary, organisation, translation
Mrs. Maria Farukova, translation
Mrs.Tatyana Petukhova, ornithologyst
Ulla Taipale, head of Capsula

Everything was ready for the experiment during the eclipse day on 01.08.2008h

Agnes Meyer-Brandis
ffUR || "research raft for subterranean reefology"