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research travel and field work in El Calafate/Patagonia and Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego,, Argentina

Cloud Core Scanner (CCS)
an artistic experiment in weighlessness within the scope of a DLR parabolic flight campaign, September 2007
>>> here CCS project link >>>

The Futures of Space Exploration - an Arts and Humanities Symposium, parallel to the IAC

Invited lecture in Sept:


The Futures of Space Exploration:
an Arts & Humanities Symposium
30 September - 1 October 2008

An international symposium to run parallel to the 2008 International Astronautical Congress (IAC), SECC, Glasgow, Scotland
organised by: Flis Holland, The Arts Catalyst and Leonardo

link: CCS Cloud Core Webside

Kindly supported by:
Goethe Institute Glasgow

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THE MOON GOOSE EXPERIMENT - an expedition to Novosibirsk, RU

The Moon Goose Experiment
a bio-poetic investigation of the FFUR

Expedition to Novosibirsk
Juli-August 2008

moon goose experiment set up`s CURATED EXPEDITIONS Nº 1
Siberia, Novosibirsk Zoo
Total Solar Eclipse, 1st August, 2008

moongoose logo

link: The Moon Goose Experiment
- Realisation Report No.1), Aug.2008

link: The Moon Goose Experiment
- conception

link:moon goose experiment set up

link: Zoo


iceberg-Probe - Fieldtest Dachstein - for Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture and "Tiefenrausch" / OK LInz, Austria

Public exploratory station
Dachstein Glacier - Schönbergalm
Long term fieldtest & exhibition of the:

"SGM-Iceberg-Probe, Fieldtest Dachstein"
Mai - October 2008 (depending on weather conditions)

Location: in 2300 meter altitude
situated near the ice cave on Dachstein World Heritage- Schönbergalm.
Access by ropeways via valley station Obertraun, Hallstättersee, Austria

The installation "SGM-Iceberg-Probe" is part of the exhibition Tiefenrausch, organized by the OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich for Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture
(30.5. - 13.7.2008)




Rauma - Biennale Balticum, Finnland

"Into The Green"
FFUR Search Paths, POA, Brazil, 2006

Rauma Biennale Balticum "Flower Power"
14.6. - 21.9. 2008
Rauma Art Museum
Kuninkaankatu 37
FI-26100 Rauma, FINLAND



Galerie 5020 - exhibition "Bild ⇔ Macht ⇔ Wissen"

Videoinstallation "Probe Handling"
exhibition "Bild ⇔ Macht ⇔ Wissen"
("Image⇔ Power ⇔ Knowledge")
opening: Wednesday, 28.5.2008
29.05. - 26.07.2008

Performance Lecture "Tools To Search"

at the opening evening
8 p.m. 28.5.2008

Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 12/1
5020 Salzburg, Austria



2 works at the exhibition of the "Media Art Awards of Marl", De

Video "Pause" in the exhibition of the
13. Marler Media Art Award and

installation conception of the "Cloud Core Scanner - Segment Gravity " exhibition of the
5. Marler Media Art InstallationAward

Exhibition opening 15. June 2008
Exhibition from 15. June - 10. August 2008
Sculpture Museum Glaskasten Marl
Rathaus/Creiler Platz, Marl, De

link: Sculpture Museum Glaskasten Marl
link: Cloud Core Scanner Webside


Exhibition, workshop and lecture at COMAFOSCA, Allela-Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Tools To Search & Core Sample Scanning
Workshop and Lecture

with Agnes Meyer-Brandis
6. October at 5 p.m.

Earth-Core Laboratory & Elf-Scan
within the scope of the project
from 5th October to 20th January 2008

COMAFOSCA, node of art and thought in Alella
08328 Alella Barcelona – Spain

organized by:



Video "Pause" at EMAF - European Media Art Festival

Video "Pause"
EMAF - European Media Art Festival

23.-27. April, 2008, Osnabrück, De



"Pause" on display on international ESA/DLR Space Exploration Conference, 2007

Videoscreening "Pause"
Exhibition Space Art
8-9 November 2007, Berlin

Curated by The Arts Catalyst and presented in collaboration with the ESA / European Space Agency and Transmediale, the Berlin-based festival for art and digital culture.

link: ESA / DLR
International Space Exploration Conference


an artistic experiment in weightlessness - DLR parabolic flight campaign, 2007

Cloud Core Scanner (CCS)
| Flight days have been successfull - CCS experiments have been conducted in microgravity, recorded data and picture elaboration starts now

an artistic experiment in weighlessness within the scope of a DLR parabolic flight campaign, 11. -13. September 2007
>>> here CCS project link >>>

link: DLR
German Aerospace Center

link: CCS Project-Webside


an artistic experiment in weightlessness - DLR parabolic flight campaign, 2007

Cloud Core Scanner (CCS)
| actual project

an artistic experiment in weighlessness within the scope of a DLR parabolic flight campaign, this September 2007
>>> here CCS project link >>>

link: DLR
German Aerospace Center

feldversuch ddorf

Honoray Mention for "SGM-Iceberg-Probe" - Prix Ars Electronica 2007

"SGM-Iceberg-Probe" received an
Honorary Mention in interactive art
Prix Ars Electronica 2007

CyberArts 2007
Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition

OK Centrum Linz, Austria

Ars Electronica 5.-11. September

link:Ars Electronica
link:OK Centrum

feldversuch ddorf

feldversuch ddorffeldversuch ddorf

Workshop at FHNW - Media Art Departement, Aarau, Switzerland

"Raumschrauben Experiments"

media art workshop with students of the University of Applied Sciences [FHNW], Northwestern Switzerland,
Media Art Department , Aarau
3. - 7. Dezember 2007


link: Workshop "Raumschraube"
Webside/ Doku
link: FHNW - University of Applied Sciences [FHNW], Northwestern Switzerland

previous workshops at the FHNW:
link: Workshop "Materielle Phantasmen"
link: Workshop "High Res. Alien"


Pause - Video premiere

[Testserie #1, a method of the Researchraft FFUR]

a silent video & construction, 2007
by A. Meyer-Brandis

in the event of Brückenmusik
opening 12. August 2007
Deutzer Brücke Cologne, De
12.- 20. August 2007


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Presentation - Biorama

Tools To Search
a performance - lecture

by A. Meyer-Brandis, ffUR
Friday 13. July 2007

in the event of BIORAMA, a DRU project
Huddersfield - UK
Curator: Monica Bello (CAPSULA)


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Teaching FH Düsseldorf - impression one weekend with "Schattenspielfllmen" (movies with shadows)

(shadow movies, analog+digital)

2. - 3. June 2007

part of the seminar: "Video Paramter Pocus"
SS 2007, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany
Dozent: Agnes Meyer-Brandis

link:University_of_Applied_Sciences Düsseldorf
link:Workshop Pictures

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Performance Lecture "Tools To Search"

Tools to Search

a Performance -Lecture
by A. Meyer-Brandis, ffUR

Fricties Saloon
Vooruit Arts Centre Gent, Be

09.Feb. 2007, 20 Uhr

link:Arts Centre Vooruit, Gent, Be
link:"The game is up"

feldversuch ddorf
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest Gent, Be

Fieldtest Gent, Be
SGM-Iceberg-Probe *

07.02.07 until 16.02.07
Expo: "The Game Is Up!"
Vooruit Arts centre Gent

* the hole has been successfully drilled Monday 05.02.07 , inside the Kafee Vooruit, fig. right, exploratory station and drilling hole Gent

link:Arts Centre Vooruit, Gent, Be
link:"The game is up"

feldversuch ddorf

feldversuch ddorf

Expedition Tromsø, No, 2006

Travel to Tromsø, Norway
400 km inside the Arctic Circle
November 2006

link: Wikipedia Tromsų, Norway

feldversuch ddorf

Interface and Society, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, No

"Earth-Core-Laboratory and Elf-Scan"

Exhibition: "Interface and Society"
10.-19.November 2006
HOK, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway

INTERFACE and SOCIETY investigates artistic practices and strategies that deal with the transformation of our everyday life through electronic interfaces.

10th and 11th of November
10th to 19th of November

link: Atelier Nord

feldversuch ddorf

feldversuch ddorf

SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest Augsburg, De , 2006

Fieldtest Augsburg
October 2006

Lab30 | Kulturbüro Augsburg, De
fig. right: SGM exploratory station Augsburg

link: lab30

feldversuch aarau ffur fahne
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest Vienna, AT

Fieldtest Vienna, At
Ocktober 2006

Festival Paraflows. 2006
fig. right: SGM exploratory station packed for the night, Yppenplatz, Vienna, At

links:Festival Paraflows

Project proposal - 7th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art – transRobota

"The Crater of Lasztownia"
a sitespecific project of the Researchraft FFUR for "transRobota" - an international art project, taking place as the VII. Biennial of Contemporary Art in Szczecin on a semi-island called Lasztownia in the harbour of Szczecin.

7th Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art - transRobota
opening : 03.08.2007
04.08 - 09.09.2007
Museum of Contemporary Art
Szczecin, Poland

National Museum in Szczecin, Polen

opening: Friday 2. February 2007
exhibition of selected project proposals
for the 7th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art – transRobota

links:National Museum in Szczecin

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