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Bambu Scan, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 20.04.2006

Bambu Scan - Field campaign of the FFUR in Porto Alegre, Brazil 2006
Fieldtest and exhibition

TORREÃO: 20.04.2006 to 19.05.2006
Torreão - Rua Santa Terezinha, 79, Porto Alegre

BambuScan POA Brazil
Field Campaigns, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2006

Search paths and field campaigns of the FFUR in Porto Alegre, Brazil 2006
Artist in residence stay, Goethe Institute Porto Alegre

TORREÃO: 20.04.2006 to 19.05.2006
Torreão - Rua Santa Terezinha, 79, POA

link: Goethe Institute Porto Alegre

feldversuch ddorf
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | winner frist price transmediale award 2006

The SGM-Iceberg-Probe is the winner first price of the Transmediale Award 2006.

link: transmediale press release

From the jury's statement:

Agnes Meyer-Brandis - SGM-Iceberg-Probe
Her work explores brilliantly the possibilities of new narration through the collapse of fiction and reality. "SGM-Iceberg-Probe" proposes a highly-sensitive use of technology in art and creates humorous and fantastic contexts to her works, not unlike a 1950's sci-fi movies. She develops, very efficiently, the tools, mechanisms and images that are part of her work.

feldversuch ddorf
Foto: Jonathan Gröger
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest 3 | Berlin, Germany, 2006

SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest 3
The exploratory station will be in the garden of the ADK (2-7.Februar).
The Iceberg-Probe is nominated for the "Transmediale Award 2006".

Transmediale: 03.02.2006 to 08.02.2006
Opening: 2. February, 19 pm,
Akademie der Künste [ADK], Berlin

Exhibition "Smile Machines"
Presentation/documentation of the probe
3. February to 19.March 2006, ADK, Berlin

link: transmediale 2006

link: catalogue "Smile Machines"

feldversuch ddorf
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Japan Media Arts Festival, 2006

The Iceberg-Probe was selected as a “Jury Recommended Works” evaluated highly by the jury of the Art Division at the 2005 (9th) Japan Media Arts Festival and will be introduced in the exhibition from February 24, 2006.

Japan Media Arts Festival :
24th. February to 5th.March 2006
Tokyo Metroplitan Museum of photography

link: Japan Media Arts Festival

feldversuch ddorf
SGM-Montometer-Probe | Fieldtest 2 | Artspace Aarau, Switzerland

Kunstraum Aarau: 20.05.2005 to 01.06.2005
Opening: 20. May, 19.30 pm, Artspace Aarau, Switzerland.

SGM-Montometer-Probe | Fieldtest 2
Agnes Meyer-Brandis
Vertigo and navigation through the hidden depths and strata of Aarau.

Sat. 21. May, 17 - 18.30 pm, Artspace Aarau
«Tools to search» – Talk Agnes Meyer-Brandis

link: Festival Science & Cite

feldversuch aarau ffur fahneFieldtest 2 | Installation at Igelweid [pedestrian zone], Aarau, Switzerland,
20.-22. May
SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest 1 | Kunstraum Düsseldorf , Germany

Artspace Düsseldorf : 07.04.2005 to 08.05.2005

SGM-Iceberg-Probe | Fieldtest 1
Agnes Meyer-Brandis


Catalogue 2005 | Subterranean Reefology Sortiment

Catalogue 2005: 07.04.2005

Equipment for subterranean reefology
and other useful accessories.
Sincere thanks to: Kunstraum Düsseldorf

For some examples see:

riffshop1 riffshop2

Galerija Kapelica, Slovenia 2005

Galerija Kapelica : 12.01.2005 bis 25.01.2005

"Elf-Scan" solo show at Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia


kapelica installation  

BEAP 2004, Biennale of Electronic Arts in Perth, Australia

BEAP 2004 : 10.09.2004 bis 12.11.2004

Biennale of Electronic Arts in Perth
"Elf-Scan" at Distributed Difference
Gallery "the bank"


beap installation        beap installation

beap installation

Monitoring, Kassler Dokumentar- and Filmfestival

Monitoring: 09.11.2004 to 14.11.2004
Kulturbahnhof Kassel, Germany

link: monitoring

>kulturbahnhof kassel installation
Earth-Core-Laboratory and Elf-Scan, Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Unter Strom : 22.06.2004 bis 29.08.2004

Klangskulpturen, Roboter, multimediale Installation in der Kunsthalle Darmstadt


elf-scan, emaf 
Earth-Core-Laboratory & Elf-Scan, Emaf // European media Art Festival 2004, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnarbrück

Transmitter: 21.04.2004 bis 23.05.2004

"Search for elves in the core forrest"
Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück,
"emaf" [european media art festival]


elf-scan, emaf transmitter emaf
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