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Forschungsfloss FF FLughafentower Tempelhof

In the air: Control Room Tempelhof
an installation by Agnes Meyer-Brandis
Opening Thursday Oct. 18th at 6pm

exhibition Oct 19th - Nov 4th 2013

In the air :
Control Room Tempelhof

an installation by Agnes Meyer–Brandis

The ResearchRaft - Institute for Art and Subjective Science (FF) is anchoring at the control tower, Airport Tempelhof, where the current results from the Laboratory of Applied Falling (LAF) will be presented. The special focus of this department is the investigation of migration movements inside, outside and above Earth, focusing on moments and objects in a pending state between falling and flying. In addition,
the Central Department for Control Rooms (ZAK) will be revealed for the first time in the 10 years of successful research activity of the FF. The Central Department for Control Rooms is a constantly transforming installation and poetic archive that allows one to experience a variety of experiments, observations and methods of the artist and her guests.

Hammer+Feder Fall CaAirport Tower Berlin Tempelhof 2012,
Temporary FF Laboratory, Foto: AMB

WIth the help of: Ralf Baecker / Jens Brand / Christian Dietz / Jana Linke / Florian Goltz / Olf Kreisel / An Seebach / Bettina Hillengass / Jim Campbell / special thanks to Dr. Prof. Jürgen Blum & team from the Institute for extraterrestrial Physics IGEP and Carsten Seiffarth / Dock e.V.

Hammer+Feder Fall Ca

167:22:06: Scott: [..]
In my left hand, I have a feather; in my right hand, a hammer. And I guess one of the reasons why we got here today was because of a gentleman named Galileo, a long time ago, who made a rather significant discovery about falling objects in gravity fields. And we thought where would be a better place to confirm his findings than on the Moon. [...]

Source: Apollo 15, Lunar Surface Journal, Transcript

Hammer+Feder Fall Ca
Hammer and Feather drop, Fall-Experiment #7, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, 2011, in cooperation with the Institute for Geophysik and extraterrestrial Physics of the TU Braunschweig (IGEP), research group planet formation.

Flughafentower TempelhofAirport Tower Berlin Tempelhof 2012,
Temporary FF Laboratory, Foto: AMB

A production of the ResearchRaft - Institute for Art and subjective Science.

With friendly suport of the Tempelhof Project GmbH, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Senate of the Federal State of Berlin, the Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics of the TU Braunschweig (IGEP), Masten Space Systems, the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences of the UDK Berlin co-funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin, item, SCHOTT glass and IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.

Hammer+Feder Fall Ca
Hammer+Feder Fall Ca

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